elusive purples

Irises from an urban garden
Irises from an urban garden

Irises have a lot of style, as far as flowers go. They are more shapely, and have more presence than your average 5-petalled, even-tempered type! It is a challenge getting the right purple, though. Some colors which exist in nature simply do not exist in paint. I worked and worked and worked on the color, and though I like it, I never quite achieved the purple I could see on the flowers themselves.


2 thoughts on “elusive purples

  1. I learn so much from your flower paintings. I love your use of warm/cool colors and your brush strokes. Do you have any Winsor Violet? It’s a great purple that is hard to mix using other colors.

  2. Thank you Jana! I originally intended to create a graphic painting but the color issue got me so involved it ultimately became more “realistic”. I have a “Thio Violet” – maybe it’s time to try the Winsor!

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