July 30faces30days-completed

July #30faces30days from Sktchy was an awesome way to learn more about procreate and drawing the human face. To see them “closer up” check out my sketching instagram @2minuteeggs. Sktchy has a session each month, with great teachers. I loved all the different styles, some specializing in cross-hatching, some gouache, cartoon or comic style, or a restricted color palette. It was sometimes hard to get started on the day’s drawing, and it was interrupted by five days out of town, but I got through it!

collage of 29 of 30 sketches.

30 faces closer to 500!

2 thoughts on “July 30faces30days-completed

  1. This is so amazing. Seeing this post inspired me to buy that class. I’m going to do it after I finish the head drawing class with Mike Creighton which is amazing. I’m finally understanding the Loomis Method and finding it useful for getting a start with at least human proportions when drawing people.

  2. I’ll have to try the Loomis method…so far, I’m just scanning back and forth! It was fun, though it got long when I had 6 days to catch up! Mike Creighton’s class looks great. Have fun with 30faces30days!

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