Wee bowls

My step-mom, Betty, was a potter. People now say ‘ceramicist’, but I will use the term she used. She made many useful items, including all of the dishes we used every day. She also made decorative things, vases, and even a full chess set once! No other potter I had seen the work of carved into their pots the way she did. She made many interesting patterns.

Here are a couple of tiny paintings I did to record my step-mom’s sweet little bowls.


When the King tides photography project came up, I remembered these rocks painted during a normal high tide. It was a foggy, grey day, but these rocks jumped out strongly while everything else was in the background and soft. I felt a little bit of color would make it feel more “welcoming”. Hey-it’s my painting, I can do whatever I want with it!

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a sunny outlook!

Only a loving family can create that glow! Sorry for double post. #oilportrait #childrenportrait #oilpainting I had created a time lapse of the painting start, and it is fun – although much fussing has to be done to set it up correctly–balancing the phone, positioning the light, and painting while trying to stay out of the frame… While I can’t post it here, you can see it on Facebook or Instagram (posted around end of August 2022). Here’s a photo.