Joy’s Boats in Benicia

These few remaining bits of waterfront character/history are slated for removal in Benicia. Demolition of the Red Baron and surrounding structures in Joy’s Harbor, is being arranged without public input. Many artists have found them valuable subjects, myself among them!

Joy’s boats with the Carquinez Bridge in the background. The mast is actually crooked!

Frank Bette Plein Air Paintout-Old Crane by the Ferry landing

While trying to squeeze in a few paintings for the last week’s plein air paintout in Alameda, someone told be that this old crane by the ferry landing at the north end of the island will be torn down soon. If we had the relative strength of an ant, we wouldn’t need these, I think it’s fascinating how we create these things which help us do amazing feats of construction which we couldn’t otherwise do.
A lot of people commented on this painting. You can see it at the Frank Bette Center for the Arts at 1601 Paru Street, Alameda August 10-September 29. There may be a reception, if so, I’ll post that soon.

Spenger’s sketch session

Spenger’s is the oldest restaurant in Berkeley according to the Berkeley book. From the Berkeley Library:

Begun as a tiny crab stand and bar by Johann Spenger in 1890, the establishment grew into one of the East Bay’s most popular eateries. At one time, Spenger’s operated its own fishing fleet and boasted that it served more meals than any other restaurant west of the Mississippi. Several generations of East Bay residents enjoyed family dinners in the restaurant’s maze of dark dining rooms.

My sketch group, SF Urban Sketchers, likes to go there occasionally for all the cool stuff to draw. Here’s one of my sketches, see the rest on our blog

swordfish, marlin, tuna
swordfish, marlin, tuna (I think)


a sketch from Satkar Residency window with many high-rise apartments, and a giant blue water (?) tank. Below, Nirmal Lifestyles Mall, a strange place where we went sari-shopping, with starving dogs outside, uniformed guards barring anyone looking too poor to make purchases, and a touch of Disney-style architecture. I tweaked the color on the mall to reflect the oddity.