A little girl’s portrait

I have grandsons, and so we don’t get much girl-energy around here! These four sweet girls I have just painted have been a delight to paint, and even though I have not met them, I get a sense of their energy, honesty, mischievousness, and sweet & fun natures. This was painted from a photo taken indoors, and so the color was particularly challenging. We think of young children as being fresh, warm, and the colors were cool, yet the face still had a warm sense to it. Anyway—a little hard to capture!

Pontessieve Village from a Winery

This distant view of Pontessieve Village was one I started while on my last trip to Italy. There were a lot of foggy, overcast days, but they sometimes make surprisingly interesting moods. This day had started out with a complete whiteout, but then lightened a bit as the day went on.

You can buy this little painting on Daily Paintworks, it is featured today https://bit.ly/3uhZLEM


The big, calm skies of the Bay Area can be inspiring! A very fast painting with a big brush.

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