small works…

otherwise known as “affordable art”. I am excited to share a few of the dozen works I have recently created. Currently showing at the Village Theater Art Gallery in Danville, and starting Thursday November 7th, at HQ Gallery in Benicia.

some of my favorite subjects!
Reference photo credits for bird images: @beckybowen @maryhurlbert


While recently in Scotland with a painting group, plein-air painting in the walled garden of a castle in the cold with every layer on I could find, a message came to me in a text in my pocket congratulating me on my award! I was mystified, as I had not heard of this. A short time later another friend sent a photo of a painting I had entered in a Bay Area show, with a blue ribbon! This explained it, and what a fun way to find out!

You can see this painting and the other award winners at the El Cerrito Public Library at 6510 Stockton Ave, El Cerrito CA until December 10.

Photo of a painting for which I won a blue ribbon.
Garapata State Park at sundown.

a graphite portrait

When was the last time I picked up a pencil to draw with??—it might have been about 4 years ago. I’ve been wanting to return to working on the faces project and drawing with graphite just feels fun. My original goal was 500 faces, just because it sounded neat, but is that even possible at this slow pace? Doubtful. This felt difficult, I was not happy with the blending of tones — maybe it was the paper or the pencils, or just how much time had passed. Here is a portrait of a woman I admire.

Return to Virginia City!

I went up to Virginia City with a group of painters a few years ago, I was glad to be able to go again. The airbnb place had a number of problems, but the view was quite spectacular – the east side of the mountain range was visible for many miles in each direction. This was a 45-minute sketch on the first morning.

Sue Wilson made a video

back to Italy!

I have been aiming to return to Italy and was finally able to do that this fall, with my friend and co-painter- and traveler Maeve. We signed up for a week workshop in the countryside near Florence, which we determined is really just the right amount of time to get warmed up! The very first morning we got up early to paint, and what met our gaze was almost a complete white out! It turned out to be a very nice environment for painting, and, yes, we used more than just white!

See a short video of our stay

These paintings are all “alla prima”, meaning they were painted all at once on location and have not been touched since. I am planning to work on them more, but here they are in their raw state. The very long one was an experiment of painting on a rolled-up linen ground, I may not be able to get the kinks out of it, and it’s very rough. You may see the occasional bug on the surface.

alla prima paintings from Italy 2016 487-farmitalyw 488-italy_5361-betterw 489-italy_6025w 490-italyw 491-italy_5484w 492-italy_5480w

Showing with the Plein Air Painters of Mendocino!

I am telling you a bit late about my current showing in Mendocino with the Plein Air Painters of Mendocino at the Annual Whale Festival Art Show & Sale which opened last Friday — the show will be open all weekends in March.

Join us this Saturday evening for our Opening Reception!

Come see beautiful landscapes and seascapes inspired by the natural beauty of the North Coast — two floors filled with paintings, whimsical ceramics and woodwork.

Keokea Park
A recent painting from the uplands of Maui, oil on canvas.

Holiday Owl

White on white is pretty fun, there are an amazing number of variations. In fact, however, some of these whites got so wild they are no longer white, but blue, orange, etc. Since I had so much fun creating the mountain goat I decided to try an owl, keeping it super-simple, because of the time constraint. This was a gift to @sathier.