January 30 — iPad sketch

I am trying out a <oh never!> stylus with a drawing program from AutoDesk for the iPad. It’s pretty cool, the software, except I can’t find an eyedropper tool so far, which would be oh-so-handy for picking up a previous color. It makes you try harder to match colors, of course, which is probably a good thing. Steve Jobs would have hated that I’m using a stylus, but it really helps because my finger gets tired!! Maybe after a while you get stronger (finger exercises – yeah!) but for now, this is great.

January 27

It is so interesting drawing my step-mother’s pots, they each have such a strong, individual character. This one was a "pinch pot", meaning she didn’t throw it on the wheel, but just coiled or mushed some clay together, and formed it into this shape. She often carved the clay after a day or so, when it had had enough time to harden enough to hold the shape of the carving, then she painted it. You couldn’t tell what color it would be after firing, most of the paints looked grey or pink while being applied.