Hoover and Roosevelt

I grew up with these statues, which, for some reason, we always called Hoover and Roosevelt. They were carved by my uncle William, whom I never met as he went to war and didn’t return. These statues, 20″ to 27″ high, were carved from redwood burl from the Big Sur coast where they lived on 160 acres under/adjacent to what is now called Bixby Creek Bridge. They are quite dark now,  you used to be able to see the rich red burl grain. Maybe he intended them to be the two presidents, or maybe my mother or my brother and I just named them that.

Idle Crab Pots in Noyo Harbor

I don’t know how the crabbing is going this season, but all these pots were stacked up in the harbor. From what I hear it’s mostly over within a few weeks of it’s mid-November starting point. There are still boats being built — that blue one in the background has been put together in the last year. It still needs finishing, has no gear, but it looks solid.

Doe Library, Hearst Mining buildings on campus

I finally got back up to the Doe Library with my sketchbook to finish the sketch I started a year ago. My sketch-buddy Cathy and I then went up to check out the Hearst Mining building which is now set off with landscaping rather than pavement and a bus stop and catch-all area in front. it really is a beautiful building.