Ruth Bader Ginsburg 1933-2020

Ruth Bader Ginsburg — a tireless and courageous advocate for women, “minorities”, workers; she was careful in crafting her arguments, she was strong, but civilized in the way she wrote her opinions and dissents, and she brought about justice in many important cases. This is my tribute to her. 

Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Supreme Court Justice of the USA

de Young Open

Drop-off of artwork for the upcoming de Young Open show, which will start on October 10. This is so exciting, I am thrilled to be part of this show in our own SF museum! Love to see you there! #deyoungopen #deyoungopenexhibition #exhibition #artinvitation#onceinalifetimeexperience @deyoungmuseum #ThedeYoungOpen

Sonny Rollins’ 90th Birthday—and he’s still around!

It’s Sonny Rollins’ 90th Birthday September 7. He can no longer play his horn, however, he seems to have grown a lot of wisdom about that and many other things over the years. Listen to his music, starting Friday on KCSM and there’s an interview in the @nytimes called Sonny Rollins knows life is a solo trip. #sonnyrollins #drawingmusicians #honoringbirthdays #procreateart @kcsmjazz91 #jazzmusician #saxaphoneplayer #tenorsax

working shipyard

Several years ago I started this painting, finally got back there last week. It is a busy shipyard, with workers biking and golf-carting themselves back and forth on the piers. There was spray-painting, pounding, banging and shouting going on.

painting of Bay Ship shipyard.
Bay Ship, 16″x12″

the here and now

Guard at the gate at Golden Gate Fields. I liked the simplicity of this scene, and simplified it even further. Midday. This is a lonely job these days. Many people pass on the new Bay Trail section which follows the shoreline just a few feet away, but few go up the hill towards the race track, mostly trainers, vets, other support people. We chatted for a short time, his wife is an artist, but paints only horses, and more horses. I think he hopes she’ll branch out and try a new subject some time. I may work on this more, add some detail, or maybe not, it is ok with me.

Guard at the gate of Golden Gate Fields.
Guard at the gate.

July 30faces30days-completed

July #30faces30days from Sktchy was an awesome way to learn more about procreate and drawing the human face. To see them “closer up” check out my sketching instagram @2minuteeggs. Sktchy has a session each month, with great teachers. I loved all the different styles, some specializing in cross-hatching, some gouache, cartoon or comic style, or a restricted color palette. It was sometimes hard to get started on the day’s drawing, and it was interrupted by five days out of town, but I got through it!

collage of 29 of 30 sketches.

30 faces closer to 500!

de Young Museum invitation

I am delighted to announce that my painting was selected for the de Young Museum’s #ThedeYoungOpen, a celebration of local artists for their 125th anniversary. Artists in the nine Bay Area counties were invited to participate in this salon-style exhibition, which will happen…soon. So much is unknown right now, but hopefully it WILL open and we will get to tour the artworks in person! For those of you in the SF Bay Area, I will post it here when I find out, or keep up on their opening date here

Sorry if some of you see more then once, as I have other places to post…

de Young Open acceptance notification.
I originally did this selfie for a chance to win a workshop with Art Escape Italy.

days 3-6 Sktchy

I think I’ll be playing catchup quite a bit…it seems to always takes me longer than an hour to do these portraits, but I’m learning a lot about the app Procreate. Now, I just hope I remember them. Another great thing about this Sktchy class is that you can go back and watch the recorded video “forever” (forever is a very long time, but whatever). I really kind of like the more wacky models, such as this guy with the beard, below, but again, whatever, it’s all a learning experience!

Model Sandro Nakashidze
Model: Sandro Nakashidze. This was a fun exercise in loose drawing with big brushes for a little abstraction. I tilted the whole picture because it was more fun that way!
Model: Lisa Skater Cruz
Model: Lisa Skater Cruz. A more traditional approach almost entirely in black & white.
model: Alex Mortensen
Model: Alex Mortensen.
Model: Tori Nasiri.
Model: Tori Nasiri. This exercise used three different kinds of masks. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how one of the masks worked towards the end, so was unable to complete it.