East Bay Open Studios – coming right up!

The Oakland art scene is getting better all the time. At Open Studios this year my group has teamed up with another group just a few doors down and between us we have over 80 artists all in one place! (I know, I know, the postcard said “79”, but we had one more join us!).

(Newsbreak: we had one drop out, so if any of you are interested, it’s a one-time last-minute chance to join – ask me for more details)

My update message, with video link http://eepurl.com/zVuBT and you can even subscribe to my mail list, if you like, by clicking on the upper left subscribe button.

weekend warriors

I took a workshop with a local painter I think is terrific, Randall Sexton. This was figure painting, which I gave up over a year ago, maybe two years. I had felt very frustrated with getting the myriad of colors that exist in a few square inches of skin – light to dark, one color to another, as well as reflected light, blemishes, etc etc. He somehow made it seem do-able again. Here’s one of my unfinished sketches, background left for later. I don’t know that I will ever finish it – and, how can you, once the session is over and the model has left? I guess that’s another one of the frustrations with this subject! Oh well, it’s fun in the meantime!


Mountain Goat morning

For a painter’s party, we were given the missive to paint a winter scene. Those who brought a painting would draw from a hat to take home a painting by another artist—super fun! On the morning of the party day, I pulled out an 8×10 panel. I thought it was important to keep it simple, so I decided on a single animal portrait. These hardy mountain goats almost blend in with the snow in their natural habitat, but not quite, fortunately. The snowflakes falling make it feel pretty wintry!  Catherine Fasciato took this one home.



345_720The Shadow is what drew me originally to painting these sunflowers. I love sunflowers, but they are often over- or under-done in paintings so I have avoided them when often I might have tried it in the past. I like the way these came out, they are lively enough to make me envision the real thing!