a garden within a garden-tribute to Monet mural

A friend of mine came up with an idea to create a mural in her garden just in time for her son’s shower. She thought it would make a nice way to bring her garden together. There were lovely flowering plants springing up and in pots and hanging, but there was a sort of “blank” place just in the middle – the back wall of her neighbor’s garage. 

We had both recently been to the Monet: The Late Years at the DeYoung and found them lovely to be among. So, we thought, why not, let’s paint a Monet-ish style garden, we have two weeks…  

She ordered the canvas, got the paints, we consulted with our muralist friends about types of paint, and we figured out how to hang it. 

Well, we both got very busy. I went out of town, she was actually in the middle of deep cleaning in her storage. We started on the following Monday, five days before the shower. My friend mixed blues to make an interesting sky and off we went! Then she got engulfed in preparing her house for the shower. I wanted to make sure the mural happened, and didn’t want her to worry about that on top of everything else, and I’m pretty good at doing things quickly, so, I thought, why not! Things often take a bit more time than you think they might, of course, so Roz’ daughter-in-law, Shawna, came to help paint, putting in some of the water and all of the lilies, which was great. Somehow, we got it completed enough to be complimentary to her lovely garden, and Thursday evening Tim helped me finagle it behind her plants and we got it mounted behind the trellis. (I think we broke a couple flowers—sorry!). 

The mermaid seems to be raising a toast as she emerges from the pond! 

It was really fun, thank you Roz for having great ideas! 

The completed mural: (wobbly bridge appearance caused by assembling four photos)…in place in the garden: