days 3-6 Sktchy

I think I’ll be playing catchup quite a bit…it seems to always takes me longer than an hour to do these portraits, but I’m learning a lot about the app Procreate. Now, I just hope I remember them. Another great thing about this Sktchy class is that you can go back and watch the recorded video “forever” (forever is a very long time, but whatever). I really kind of like the more wacky models, such as this guy with the beard, below, but again, whatever, it’s all a learning experience!

Model Sandro Nakashidze
Model: Sandro Nakashidze. This was a fun exercise in loose drawing with big brushes for a little abstraction. I tilted the whole picture because it was more fun that way!
Model: Lisa Skater Cruz
Model: Lisa Skater Cruz. A more traditional approach almost entirely in black & white.
model: Alex Mortensen
Model: Alex Mortensen.
Model: Tori Nasiri.
Model: Tori Nasiri. This exercise used three different kinds of masks. Unfortunately, I had forgotten how one of the masks worked towards the end, so was unable to complete it.

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